Overview Edit

The DoD Office of the Chief Information Officer was assigned the responsibility for implementing the Executive Order 13618's requirements related to NS/EP communications functions.

The CIO (along with the Assistant Secretary for Cybersecurity and Communications in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) co-chairs the NS/EP Communications Executive Committee established in Executive Order 13618. The CIO directs, manages, and provides policy guidance and oversight for DOD's information and the information enterprise, including matters related to information technology, network defense, network operations, and cybersecurity.

Actions taken related to the executive committee include creating a charter for the committee (approved in September 2012), developing a staffing and resource plan for the Joint Program Office (in DHS), planning the specific tasks defined in the executive order, evaluating the current status and integration of existing efforts, and discussing how the dismantling of the National Communications System would impact NS/EP telecommunications functions.

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