Definition Edit

DoD Directives (DoDD) are

[b]road DoD policy documents containing what is required by legislation, the President, or the Secretary of Defense to initiate, govern, or regulate actions or conduct by the DoD Components within their specific areas of responsibilities.[1]

Overview Edit

The DoD Directives System was established to provide a single, uniform system of DoD issuances and directive-type memorandums used to convey DoD policies, responsibilities, and procedures.

The DoD Directives collection contains more than 1300 documents and includes information pertaining to:

1000 - Manpower, reserve affairs and personnel
2000 - International programs
3000 - Planning, research and development, intelligence and computer technology
4000 - Logistics, acquisition and resources management
5000 - General administration
7000 - Comptrollership
8000 - Communications and intelligence

Listing of DoD Directives Edit

The following are the DoD Directives discussed in this wiki (by Directive number). Those Directives that have already been summarized are in blue; those that have not yet been summarized are in red.

References Edit

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