Overview Edit

The New Zealand "Directorate of Defence Intelligence" was formed in 1967 in recognition of the fact that a joint approach to the intelligence requirements of the three services — army, navy and air force — was the most efficient way to gather, analyse and disseminate military intelligence. The security role was recognised when the directorate was renamed the Directorate of Defence Intelligence and Security (DDIS) in 1998.

DDIS's role is to provide direction and a central focus for the intelligence staff in the armed services. It achieves this by directing or coordinating all defence intelligence and security issues, activities and procedures from Defence Headquarters in Wellington to the operational units of the New Zealand Defence Force in times of peace, crisis or conflict.

The community approach demands the sharing of a common pool of information available to all. The intelligence processcollection, collation, analysis and distribution — is managed by the DDIS.

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