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Directive on the re-use of public sector information (Directive 2003/98/EC), known as the "PSI Directive"), entered into force on 31 December 2003. It was revised by Directive 2013/37/EU which entered into force on 17 July 2013.

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The Directive provides a common legal framework for a European market for government-held data (public sector information). It is built around two key pillars of the internal market: transparency and fair competition. It focuses on the economic aspects of re-use of information rather than on the access of citizens to information. It encourages the Member States to make as much information available for re-use as possible. It addresses material held by public sector bodies in the Member States, at national, regional and local levels, such as ministries, state agencies, municipalities, as well as organisations funded for the most part by or under the control of public authorities (e.g. meteorological institutes). Since 2013 content held by museums, libraries and archives falls within the scope of application as well.

The Directive covers written texts, databases, audio files and film fragments; it does not apply to the educational, scientific, and broadcasting sectors.

In July 2014, the Commission published guidelines to help the Member States transpose the revised rules and to indicate best practices in several fields of importance for the re-use of public sector information.