Overview Edit

The ICE Cyber Crimes Center's Digital Forensics Section (DFS) provides programmatic oversight to the ICE Digital Forensics Program, operates the ICE National Digital Forensics Lab, and participates jointly with the U.S. Secret Service and the Internal Revenue Service in the legacy Treasury Computer Investigative Specialist Training Program.

DFS Digital Forensic Agents (DFA) serve as the primary source for ICE field DFAs for technical forensic support issues, conduct research and development on new and emerging technologies, and develop and deliver training to field DFAs.

The DFS operates a state of the art National Digital Forensics Lab that processes “strange and large” digital evidence seized by ICE field offices. Digital evidence resident on “non-standard” hardware or too voluminous for field office to process may be forwarded to the DFS for examination.

The DFS also provides ICE with advanced data exploitation capabilities. Digital evidence submitted by ICE field offices can be imported onto the DFS Lab network, indexed, and searched using advanced data exploitation tools. Large volumes of unrelated data can quickly and efficiently be mined for evidence of criminal activity.

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