Overview Edit

In October 1998, then Vice-President Al Gore proposed a Digital Declaration of Interdependence (DDI), which posed five challenges to use information technology to forge a stronger global community:

  • First, we should improve access to technology so that every person is within walking distance of voice and data telecommunications services within the next decade.
  • Second, we should develop real-time digital translation to enable persons of all languages to talk to each other.
  • Third, we must create a Global Knowledge Network so that education, health care, agricultural resources, and public safety resources can be shared worldwide.
  • Fourth, we must use communications technology to ensure the free-flow of ideas and support democracy and free speech.
  • And fifth, we must expand economic opportunity to all families and communities around the world through information technologies.[1]

References Edit

  1. Remarks from Vice-President Al Gore, 15th International ITU Conference (Oct. 12, 1998) (full-text).

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