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Definitions Edit

Autonomous vehicles Edit

A designee is

the natural person identified by the manufacturer to the department [California DMV] as a person authorized by the manufacturer to drive or operate the manufacturer's autonomous vehicles on public roads.[1]

Critical infrastructure Edit

A designee is

[a] Federal employee outside the PCII Program Office, whether employed by DHS or another Federal agency, to whom certain functions of the PCII Program Office are delegated by the PCII PM, on a case by case basis. The PCII Program Manager will appoint a Designee only to manage a categorical inclusion program. The PCII Officer supervises the Designee within a given Federal entity.[2]

References Edit

  1. Adopted Regulations for Testing of Autonomous Vehicles by Manufacturers, §227.02(e).
  2. Protected Critical Infrastructure Information Program Procedures Manual, at 2-2.

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