Definitions Edit

Derived data is information gather from or about the individual subject.

Derived data is

a set of values that reflect the character of the source data, but which hide the exact original values. This is usually done by using banding techniques to produce coarser-grained descriptions of values than in the source dataset e.g. replacing dates of birth by ages or years, addresses by areas of residence or wards, using partial postcodes or rounding exact figures so they appear in a normalised form.[1]

Overview Edit

Derived data "ensures that intermediate results derived from raw input data are made available for follow-on processing. Derived data may result from numerical or logical computations."[2]

References Edit

  1. Anonymisation: Managing Data Protection Risk Code of Practice, App. 2, at 53.
  2. Report on the NS/EP Implications of Intrusion Detection Technology Research and Development, at 14.

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