Definition Edit

A Deployed Cellular Voice Exchange (DCVX) functions and provides mobile cellular services similar to standard commercial cellular systems with the addition of MUFs.[1]

Overview Edit

"It is based on a two-way cellular radio system that interconnects cell phones with other cell phones and landline stations. When used, the DCVX will provide full mobile cellular coverage in designated deployed environments; this includes training, exercise, and operational missions within COCOM areas of responsibility (AORs) or specific geographic areas. User voice, data, and related communications via terminal devices will be similar to landline wired DSN or commercial services. Except for the inherent characteristics of radio transmission, basic service features between the two systems will be similar and transparent to the users."[2]

References Edit

  1. DoD UC Framework 2013, Appendix A, at A-22 (full-text).
  2. Id.

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