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Citation Edit

Department of Defense Directive 7920.1, Life-Cycle Management of Automated Information Systems (AISs) (Oct. 17, 1978).

Overview Edit

This Directive set forth the Department of Defense's policy on life cycle management of automated information systems identifies the criteria to be used when designating an information system a "major automated information system." This Directive provides that a system meeting any one of the following criteria shall be designated as a major automated information system:

  • Has anticipated costs in excess of $100 million during the timespan from the mission analysis/project initiation phase through the extension and installation of the developed automated information system to all operating sites.
  • Has estimated costs exceeding $25 million in any single year.
  • Is designated as being of special interest by the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

This Directive was cancelled by Department of Defense Directive 8120-01 (Jan. 14, 1993).

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