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The ASD(NII), as the Department of Defense Chief Information Officer (DOD CIO), serves as the DOD's principal staff assistant for IM, and consequently develops and issues the DOD information resource management strategic plan.

The DOD CIO is the GIG architect and is overall responsible for developing, maintaining, and enforcing compliance with the GIG architecture. The DOD CIO provides recommendations to the Joint Requirements Oversight Council for the development of DOD GIG requirements and direction to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) for satisfying non-DOD requirements for GIG services validated by SecDef.

The CIO will also consult with comparable IC authorities on matters of policy, implementation, and operation. Inherent in the CIO's architecture responsibility is the responsibility to enforce interoperability, IA, net-centric data sharing, use of enterprise services, and GIG program synchronization.[1]

References Edit

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