Overview Edit

The DIB CS Program was initiated in 2007 and established as a permanent DoD program in 2013 under 32 C.F.R., Part 236, to enhance and supplement DIB participants' capabilities to safeguard DoD information that resides on, or transits, DIB unclassified networks or information systems. Under the voluntary DIB CS program, DoD and DIB participants share cyber threat information in order to enhance the overall security of unclassified DIB networks, reduce damage to critical programs, and increase DoD and DIB cyber situational awareness.

The DoD Cyber Crime Center (DC3) serves as the operational focal point for the DIB CS program, [[information sharing|sharing cyber threat information with DIB participants in near real-time at both the classified and unclassified levels. Participating companies receive analytic support, incident response, mitigation and remediation strategies, malware analysis, and other cybersecurity best practices.

Information shared between DoD and the DIB under the DIB CS Program strengthens the Nation's knowledge of the ever-growing cyber threat, increases the effectiveness of mitigating the risk, and meets the Administration's and DoD's strategic objective of enhancing voluntary government-private sector cyber threat information sharing.

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