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Definitions Edit

General Edit

Denial of service (DoS) is

[a]n attack that prevents or impairs the authorized use of information system resources or services.[1]
[t]he prevention of authorized access to resources or the delaying of time-critical operations. (Time-critical may be milliseconds or it may be hours, depending upon the service provided.)[2]
[p]reventing or impairing the normal authorized functionality of networks, systems, or applications by exhausting resources. This activity includes being the victim of or participating in a denial of service attack.[3]
[w]hen action(s) result in the inability to communicate and/or the inability of an AIS or any essential part to perform its designated mission, either by loss or degradation of a signal or operational capability.[4]

Message handling Edit

Denial of service (DoS) occurs

when an entity fails to perform its function or prevents other entities from performing their functions, which may be a denial of access, a denial of communications, a deliberate suppression of messages to a particular recipient, a fabrication of extra traffic, an MTA was caused to fail or operate incorrectly, an MTS was caused to deny a service to other users. Denial of service threats include the following: denial of communications, MTA failure, MTS flooding.[5]

References Edit

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External resources Edit

  • CERT® Advisory CA-1999-17 Denial-of-Service Tools (Dec. 28, 1999, revised, Mar. 3, 2000) (full-text).
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