Citation Edit

Library of Congress, Delivering Electronic Information in a Knowledge-based Democracy (July 14, 1993) (not available online).

Overview Edit

This is a summary of the proceedings of a 1-day conference, which explored the public policy framework essential to creating electronic information resources and making them broadly available. There were wide-ranging discussions on issues related to building digital libraries, defining the roles of various players, and promoting the public interest and economic growth.

The Librarian of Congress emphasized the need to sustain in the digital age the democratic equal access to information that libraries provided in the age of print. Libraries now confront the task of simultaneously maintaining existing paper-based collections, digitizing selected materials, and providing access to the rapidly growing volume of information originating in digital form.

Collaboration between the public and private sectors is essential to promoting an advanced information infrastructure. Government can most effectively support the development of an advanced information infrastructure through a public policy agenda that includes: (1) updating the regulatory structure; (2) ensuring equitable access; (3) protecting intellectual property; (4) enhancing security and privacy; and (5) supporting the creation of digital libraries.

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