Definitions Edit

Electronic warfare Edit

Degradation is

making an enemy incapable of performing the designated mission. It resembles disruption but is not as comprehensive in execution or impact on the enemy. Degradation may confuse or delay the actions of an untrained enemy, but a trained operator can work around the effects. Like disruption, forces achieve degradation with electromagnetic jamming, electromagnetic deception, and electromagnetic intrusion. Degradation may be the best choice to stimulate the enemy to determine their response or for electronic attack conditioning.[1]

General Edit

Degradation is

[t]he deterioration in quality, level, or standard of performance of a functional unit. In communications, [degradation is] a condition in which one or more of the required performance parameters fall outside predetermined limits, resulting in a lower quality of service.[2]

Overview Edit

Degradation is usually categorized as either "graceful" or "catastrophic."

References Edit

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