Overview Edit


The Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO) is leading DOD efforts to transform spectrum management in support of future net-centric operations and warfare, and to meet military needs for dynamic, agile, and adaptive access to spectrum. The DSO is guiding DOD spectrum management along a path that envisions moving away from stove-piped systems to network-centric spectrum management and, ideally, to bandwidth on demand and cognitive self-synching spectrum use.

The DSO enables information dominance through effective spectrum operations. DSO provides commanders direct operational support, including electromagnetic battlespace planning, deconfliction, and joint spectrum interference resolution. DSO develops and implements net-centric enterprise spectrum management capabilities to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, and pursues emerging spectrum technologies that may either benefit or impact DoD's ability to access the electromagnetic spectrum. DSO advocates for current and future military spectrum requirements in national and international forums to protect DoD global operations.