Definition Edit

The Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) is

1. A sub-element of the DII, the DISN is the DOD's consolidated worldwide enterprise level telecommunications infrastructure that provides the end-to-end information transfer network for supporting military operations. It is transparent to its users, facilitates the management of information resources, and is responsive to national security and defense needs under all conditions in the most efficient manner.
2. The DISN is an information transfer network with value-added services for supporting national defense C31 decision support requirements and CIM functional business areas. As a[n] information transfer utility, the DISN provides dedicated point-to-point, switched voice and data, imagery and video teleconferencing communications services.[1]

Overview Edit

"The DISN is the major element of the GIG (see Figure II-2). It has three segments: sustaining base, long haul, and deployed. It is DOD's worldwide enterprise-level telecommunications infrastructure providing end-to-end information transfer for supporting military operations. For the most part, it is transparent to the joint force. The DISN facilitates the management of information resources, and is responsive to national security, as well as DOD needs. It provides GIG network services to DOD installations and deployed forces. Those services include voice, data, and video, as well as ancillary enterprise services such as directories and messaging. DOD policy mandates the use of the DISN for wide-area network (WAN) and metropolitan networks."[2]


References Edit

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  2. Joint Publication 6-0, at II-4.

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