Overview Edit

The Defense Computer Forensics Laboratory (DCFL) is a world-class facility providing comprehensive evidentiary analysis of digital evidence. DCFL delivers digital and multimedia (D/MM) evidence processing, forensic examinations, and expert testimony for any DoD Agency requiring investigative support. The laboratory's robust intrusion and malware capability provides support to other DC3 lines of business and activities hosted at DC3 such as the OUSD(AT&L) Damage Assessment Management Office (DAMO).

DCFL has organized digital forensics examinations within an industrial process that are unmatched elsewhere in terms of its scope. DCFL operations are accredited for "Forensic Science Testing" under ISO 17025 by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB), the preeminent authority for accredited crime labs in the United States, on September 9, 2005. During FY12, the lab carried out 1,406 forensic examinations involving 834.58 terabytes of data.

On Feb. 10, 1998, the Deputy Secretary of Defense signed the Defense Reform Initiative Directive (DRID) #27, which directed the Air Force to establish a joint DoD Computer Forensics Laboratory and Training Program. Teamed with the DoD law enforcement and counterintelligence communities, the laboratory's unique technical expertise and computer solutions ensure information superiority for the warfighters.

In 2002, the laboratory came under the direction of a Senior Executive Service (SES) civilian who was named the executive director of the newly named Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3).

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