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Defence Intelligence is a key member of the U.K. Intelligence Community but differs from the Agencies (SIS, GCHQ, and the Security Service) in that it is not a stand-alone organization but is a constituent part of the Ministry of Defence (MOD). The organization employs a mixture of civilian and military staff and is funded within the Defence budget. The organization was formerly known as the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) but changed its name in early 2010.

Defence Intelligence is a collector of intelligence through its Intelligence Collection Group (ICG), however, this function is carried out mainly to support its primary role which is the conduct of "all-source" intelligence analysis and assessment. This draws from a variety of overt and covert sources to provide written products and advice in support of military operations, contingency planning, and to inform defense policy and procurement decisions. The maintenance of the ability to give timely strategic warning of politico-military and scientific and technical developments with the potential to affect UK interests is a vital part of the process. DIS assessments are also used outside the MOD to support the work of the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) and assist the work of other Government Departments and international partners (such as NATO and the European Union).

It is this "all-source" analysis function which distinguishes Defence Intelligence from other organisztions which focus predominantly on "single-source" intelligence.

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