Definitions Edit

Data protection

encompasses the range of legal, regulatory, and institutional mechanisms that guide the collection, use, protection, and disclosure of information.[1]
[is t]he employment of technical, organisational and legal measures in order to achieve the goals of data security (confidentiality, integrity and availability), transparency, intervenability and portability, as well as compliance with the relevant legal framework.[2]
refers to the administrative, technical, legal and physical measures taken to guard against the unauthorized access to or disclosure of data.
[is the] [p]olicies, processes and implementation of risk management to prevent the compromise, loss, unauthorized access/disclosure, destruction, distortion or non-accessibility of information, regardless of physical form or characteristics, over the life cycle of the information. Includes actions to regulate access to sensitive information, controlled unclassified information and classified information.[3]

References Edit

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  3. Air Force Supplement to the Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, at 43.

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