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Definitions Edit


A data link is

[a] term referring to all interconnections to, from and within the remotely piloted aircraft system. It includes control, flight status, communication, and payload links.[1]

Telecommunications Edit

A data link (also called a communications link) is the means of connecting one location to another for the purpose of transmitting and receiving digital information.

Overview Edit

It can also refer to a set of electronics assemblies, consisting of a transmitter and a receiver [two data terminal equipments (DTEs)] and the interconnecting data telecommunication circuit. These are governed by a link protocol enabling digital data to be transferred from a data source to a data sink.

There are at least three types of basic data-link configurations that can be conceived of and used:

References Edit

  1. UVS International, RPAS Glossary 120821, at 3 (full-text).

See also Edit

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