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Definitions Edit

Data curation is

the activity of managing and promoting the use of data from its point of creation, to ensure it is fit for contemporary purposes and available for discovery and reuse.[1]
the active and ongoing management of data through their life cycle of interest and usefulness to scholarship, science, and education. Data curation enables data discovery and retrieval, maintains data quality, adds value, and provides for reuse over time through activities including authentication, archiving, management, preservation, and representation.[2]

References Edit

  1. Philip Lord & Alison Macdonald, Data Curation for E-Science in the UK: An Audit to Establish Requirements for Future Curation and Provision, v. 1.0 (May 2003).
  2. Capturing Change in Science, Technology, and Innovation: Improving Indicators to Inform Policy, at 2-11 n.9.

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