Citation Edit

Government Accountability Office, Data Center Consolidation: Agencies Making Progress on Efforts, but Inventories and Plans Need to Be Completed (GAO-12-742) (July 19, 2012) (full-text).

Overview Edit

In 2010, as focal point for information technology management across the government, OMB's Federal Chief Information Officer launched the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative — an effort to consolidate the growing number of federal data centers. In July 2011, GAO evaluated 24 agencies' progress on this effort and reported that most agencies had not yet completed data center inventories or consolidation plans and recommended that they do so.

In this subsequent review, GAO was asked to (1) evaluate the extent to which the 24 agencies updated and verified their data center inventories and plans, (2) evaluate the extent to which selected agencies have adequately completed key elements of their consolidation plans, and (3) identify agencies' notable consolidation successes and challenges. To address these objectives, GAO assessed the completeness of agency inventories and plans, analyzed the schedule and cost estimates of 5 agencies previously reported to have completed one or both estimates, and interviewed officials from all 24 agencies about their consolidation successes and challenges.

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