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Definitions Edit

The dark Web

[is] a part of the deep Web that has been intentionally hidden and is inaccessible through standard Web browsers. [1]
[consists of] web pages and data that are only available via special software that keeps users anonymous. Many sites and data on the Dark Web have been deliberately built to be untraceable in order to protect the anonymity of the user. . . .[2]


"A relatively known source for content that resides on the dark Web is found in the Tor network. Tor, and other similar networks, enables users to traverse the Web in near-complete anonymity by encrypting data packets and sending them through several network nodes, called onion routers."[3]

"Dark Web sites serve as a platform for Internet users for whom anonymity is essential, since they not only provide protection from unauthorized users, but also usually include encryption to prevent monitoring."[4]

References Edit

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