Citation Edit

Department of Defense, "Computer Network Defense" (DOD Directive O-8530.1) (Jan. 8, 2001) (full-text).

Overview Edit

DOD Directive O-8530.1, and its supporting document DOD Instruction O-8530.2, directed the heads of all DOD components to establish component-level computer network defense services to coordinate and direct all component-wide computer network defense and ensure certification and accreditation in accordance with established DOD requirements and procedures. Computer network defense service is provided or subscribed to by owners of [[DOD] information systems or computer networks, or both, in order to maintain and provide computer network defense situational awareness, implement computer network defense protect measures, monitor and analyze in order to detect unauthorized activity, and implement computer network defense operational direction.

DOD Directive O-8530.1 also required that all component information systems and computer networks be assigned to a certified computer network defense service provider. The goal for the program is to improve the security posture of DOD information systems and networks by ensuring that a baseline set of services are provided by computer network defense service providers.

Under the oversight of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Networks and Information Integration and U.S. Strategic Command, the Defense Information Systems Agency conducts a certification program of the computer network defense service providers to ensure they are providing that critical baseline set of services.

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