Definition Edit

DNA matching rmeans "[u]tilizing DNA to identify a biometric subject."[1]

Overview Edit

DNA matching is a type of biometric in the sense that it uses a physiological characteristic for personal identification. It is considered to be the "ultimate" biometric technology in that it can produce proof-positive identification of a person, except in the case of identical twins. However, DNA differs from standard biometrics in several ways. It compares actual samples rather than templates generated from samples.

Also, because not all stages of DNA comparison are automated, the comparison cannot be made in real time. DNA's use for identification is currently limited to forensic applications. The technology is many years away from any other kind of implementation and will be very intrusive.

References Edit

  1. Biometrics Identity Management Agency, Biometrics Glossary, at 21 (Ver. 5) (Oct. 2010) (full-text).

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