Overview Edit

The DoD DIB Opt-in Pilot (Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Exploratory Cybersecurity Initiative) leveraged the DoD DIB Cyber Security/Information Assurance Activities PIA [1] and established procedures and agreements with DIB participants.

During the DIB Opt-In Pilot, DoD shared classified indicators associated with cyber threat countermeasure capabilities directly with commercial service providers (CSPs) in order to protect information on DIB company networks. The DIB Opt-In Pilot focused on two cyber threat countermeasures: 1) the ability to block Domain Name System (DNS) traffic to malicious domains (referred to as DNS Sinkholing), and 2) e-mail filtering that would include quarantining incoming infected messages.

The Pilot was commissioned for 180 days and during that time met its goal to effectively share cyber threat information with CSPs for the purposes of protecting participating DIB companies.

In May 2012, the U.S. Government established the Pilot as an ongoing voluntary program, originally known as the Joint Cybersecurity Services Program (JCSP), and now as the Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) program. In this program, DHS communicates with participating commercial Internet service providers directly, while DOD still serves as the point of contact for participating DIB contractors.

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