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The Director of Central Intelligence's (DCI) DCI Counterterrorist Center (CTC) was created the in the late 1980s after a series of high-profile attacks by international terrorists. The CTC reports to the DCI and, technically, is not part of the CIA bureaucracy, although it is housed at, and is supported administratively by, the CIA. The CTC's mission is to assist the DCI in coordinating the counterterrorism efforts of the intelligence community by coordinating and conducting counterterrorist operations and exploiting all-source intelligence in order to produce in-depth analyses of terrorist groups, methods, and plans.

Since 1996, the CTC and the FBI’s counterterrorism directorate have been exchanging senior-level officers, although before September 11, 2001, this collaboration did not always result in successful information-sharing between the two entities. One criticism of the CTC has been that it has operated mostly with the Directorate of Operations (DO) and has emphasized operations over collection and analysis.

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