Definition Edit

Cyberterrorists are "state-sponsored and non-state actors who engage in cyberattacks as a form of warfare."[1]

Overview Edit

"Transnational terrorist organizations, insurgents, and jihadists have used the Internet as a tool for planning attacks, radicalization and recruitment, a method of propaganda distribution, and a means of communication."[2]

"Characteristic of this threat agent group is the indiscriminate use of violence in order to influence decisions/actions of states towards their politically or relationally motivated objectives. Activities of this threat group are mostly impact oriented and may affect or harm large parts of society, just to generate necessary pressure. Cyber terrorists may use technology both as the means and target of their attacks, while critical infrastructures comprise one of the main targets. Further targets of this group may be traffic control, military infrastructures, government systems, etc. Information collection, reconnaissance and social engineering are methods that may belong to the key capabilities of this group, while access to high tech tools and methods are also considered within their capabilities, especially due to blurring lines between this and other threat agent groups."[3]

References Edit

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