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Definition Edit

Cyberpower (also spelled cyber power) is

the ability to use cyberspace to create advantages and influence events in the other operational environments and across the instruments of power.[1]

Overview Edit

"[C]yberpower is always a measure of the ability to use . . . [cyberspace]. Technology is one obvious factor, because the ability to 'enter' cyberspace is what makes it possible to use it. That technology is constantly changing, and some users — countries, societies, non state actors, etc — may be able to leap over old technologies to deploy and use new ones to dramatic advantage. Organizational factors also play an important role, because the organizations we create reflect human purposes and objectives, and their perspectives on the creation and use of cyberpower will be shaped by their organizational mission, be it military, economic, political, etc. All of these different factors shape how we employ cyberpower to impact and influence all of the elements of power.

The element which is most closely tied to cyberpower is information."[2]

References Edit

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