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Cyberinfrastructure Vision for the 21st Century Discovery

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Citation Edit

National Science Foundation, Cyberinfrastructure Council, Cyberinfrastructure Vision for the 21st Century Discovery (NSF 07-28) (Mar. 2007) (full-text).

Overview Edit


This report is presented in a set of interrelated chapters that describe the various challenges and opportunities in the complementary areas that make up cyberinfrastructure: computing systems, data, information resources, networking, digitally enabled-sensors, instruments, virtual organizations, and observatories, along with an interoperable suite of software services and tools.

This technology is complemented by the interdisciplinary teams of professionals that are responsible for its development, deployment and its use in transformative approaches to scientific and engineering discovery and learning. The vision also includes attention to the educational and workforce initiatives necessary for both the creation and effective use of cyberinfrastructure.

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