If "infrastructure" is required for an industrial economy, then we could say that "cyberinfrastructure" is required for a knowledge economy.[1]

Definitions Edit

Cyberinfrastructure is

[a] layer of enabling hardware, algorithms, software, communications, institutions, and personnel [that lies above a layer of] base technologies . . . the integrated electro-optical components of computation, storage, and communication [and below a layer of] software programs, services, instruments, data, information, knowledge, and social practices applicable to specific projects, disciplines, and communities of practice.[2]
the coordinated aggregate of software, hardware and other technologies, as well as human expertise, required to support current and future discoveries in science and engineering. The challenge of Cyberinfrastructure is to integrate relevant and often disparate resources to provide a useful, usable, and enabling framework for research and discovery characterized by broad access and “end-to-end” coordination.[3]

References Edit

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  3. Fran Berman, Director of the San Diego Supercomputer Center.

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