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Cyberfighters (also spelled cyber fighters) are "groups of nationally motivated citizens."[1]

Overview Edit

"This is an emerging phenomenon where patriotic motivated groups of citizens bear the potential to launch cyber-attacks in a coordinated manner. Such groups might have strong feelings when their political, national or religious values seem to be threatened by another group and are capable of launching cyber-attacks. One can argue that such groups are special cases of Hacktivism (i.e. an evolution or yet another instance). To certain extent, such groups may be supporters of totalitarian regimes and, rightly or wrongly, act on behalf of their supporting parties (i.e. governments) by contributing to national activities in the cyber-space. Their activities may include conflicts with other groups (i.e. other hacktivists). Depending on their number and capabilities, such groups may form a considerable striking power. They can be considered as underground cyber fighters in support of the interests of a nation state."[2]

References Edit

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