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Definitions Edit

Cyberexploitation (CyE) is

the use of cyber-offensive actions — possibly over an extended period of time — to support the goals and missions of the party conducting the exploitation, usually for the purpose of obtaining information resident on or transiting through an adversary's computer systems or networks.
actions combine computer network exploitation (CNE) with enabling capabilities (such as, electronic warfare support (ES), signal intelligence (SIGINT), and others) for intelligence collection and other efforts.[1]

Overview Edit

Cyberexploitation is an intelligence-gathering activity rather than a destructive activity. Cyberexploitations do not seek to disturb the normal functioning of a computer system or network from the user’s point of view — indeed, the best cyberexploitation is one that such a user never notices.

Although much of the technology underlying cyberexploitation is similar to that of cyberattack, cyberattack and cyberexploitation are conducted for entirely different purposes.

References Edit

  1. The U.S. Army Concept Capability Plan for Cyberspace Operations 2016-2028, at 21.

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