Definition Edit

Cyber support (CyberSpt) is

a diverse collection of supporting activities which are generated and employed to specifically enable both CyNetOps and CyberWar. These activities are called-out in this unifying category due to their unique and expensive nature as high-skilled, low-density, time-sensitive/intensive activities requiring specialized training, processes, and policy. Additionally, several of these activities also require specialized coordination, synchronization, and integration to address legal and operational considerations. It is because of these considerations and their overall importance that these activities are addressed as a CyberOps core component.[1]

Overview Edit

CyberSpt is different from CyberWar and CyNetOps, as these activities are carried out by multiple stakeholders and do not require a separate CyberSpt proponent or lead. At quick glance, ownership may seem clouded as intelligence organizations, law enforcement, CyberWar, and CyNetOps perform many of these activities. CyberSpt entails varying intents, conditions, authorities, and levels of effort and are not deemed redundant.

Examples of CyberSpt activities include vulnerability assessment, threat-based security assessment, and remediation; reverse engineering malware; cyber aspects of site exploitation; separate counterintelligence and law enforcement-based cyber forensics; cyber RDT&E; combat development; and acquisition. These are low density, high demand capabilities that must be expanded to support emerging requirements.[2]

References Edit

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