Definitions Edit

Financial market Edit

Cyber resilience is

[a]n FMI's ability to anticipate, withstand, contain and rapidly recover from a cyber attack.[1]

General Edit

Cyber resilience is

the ability of systems and organizations to withstand cyber events, measured by the combination of mean time to failure and mean time to recovery.[2]
the overall ability of systems and organisations to withstand cyber events and, where harm is caused, recover from them.[3]

Overview Edit

"Cyber resilience is becoming a critical business and social issue. As more and more business value and personal information rapidly migrates to digital form, the risks from cyberattacks grow ever more daunting. On the front line are public and private institutions that rely on cyber resilience systems and controls to protect intellectual property, information assets and business continuity. Supporting them are regulators who develop the policies to facilitate and defend technology, law enforcement agencies, and industry associations that work to share information and improve institutional security."[4]

References Edit

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