Overview Edit

The Cyber Space Law and Policy Centre (CLPC) at the University of New South Wales (Australia) provides a public interest focus on legal and policy issues arising from digital transactions in online and networked environments, through research and research training, education and advocacy.

With multi‐disciplinary collaborative research projects it aims to explore emerging challenges in areas such as regulation of malware and cybercrime, online content regulation, hacktivism, cloud computing, legal jurisdiction in virtual worlds, intellectual property in digital artefacts, privacy and personal information security, online financial transactions and investment services, e-commerce, e-government, authentication and encryption, Internet governance, and legal issues arising from threats to network security.

The Centre's distinctive focus is to take a public interest perspective on these often-technical issues. The emphasis is not on technology as such, but rather on the regulation of the social space created by computing networks — "cyberspace."

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