Citation Edit

U.K. Cabinet Office, Cyber Security Strategy of the United Kingdom: Safety, security and resilience in cyber space (Cm 7642) (June 2009) (full-text).

Overview Edit

As the UK's dependence on cyber space grows, so the security of cyber space becomes ever more critical to the health of the nation. Cyber space cuts across almost all of the threats and drivers outlined in the National Security Strategy: it affects us all, it reaches across international borders, it is largely anonymous, and the technology that underpins it continues to develop at a rapid pace.

The threats to those who use cyber space range from phishing to enable credit-card fraud through to corporate espionage. These activities can affect organisations, individuals, critical infrastructure, and the business of government.

This "Cyber Security Strategy" recognises the challenges of cyber security and the need to address them. It stresses that the UK needs a coherent approach to cyber security, and one in which the Government, organisations across all sectors, the public, and international partners all have a part to play. The Strategy outlines the Government's approach and puts in place the structures that the UK needs in order to weave together new and existing work to move towards our vision:

Citizens, business and government can enjoy the full benefits of a safe, secure and resilient cyber space: working together, at home and overseas, to understand and address the risks, to reduce the benefits to criminals and terrorists, and to seize opportunities in cyber space to enhance the UK's overall security and resilience.

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