Overview Edit

The NCIJTF's CyWatch maintains responsibility for managing Cyber Guardian, the designated Executive Order 13636: Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity 4(b) tracking system used by the FBI, Federal Cyber Centers, and participating sector-specific agencies to coordinate information that is provided to organizations when they are identified as a targeted entity in cyber threat reports. Cyber Guardian encompasses a comprehensive platform for real-time intake and management of criminal and national security cyber threat reporting against sector-specific targeted entities. The system will have the capability to provide both classified and unclassified reports to affected private sector organizations.

Cyber Guardian consists of three platforms: Cyber Guardian, iGuardian, and eGuardian. Cyber Guardian, establishes a unified system of reporting, allowing synchronized victim contact and more effective and timely incident notification to targeted entities. The program ensures that more meaningful information is provided to victims, to include intruder as well as network activity where possible. Tracking of incident information in Cyber Guardian also allows for aggregated sector-specific incident data analysis.

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