Overview Edit

The South Korean Cyber Consumer Center (CCC) was established in July 2000 as an affiliate body of the Korea Consumer Protection Board (KCPB). The objectives of the CCC including exploring consumer issues and developing policy instruments for improving consumer’s rights in cyberspace. The CCC focuses on elaborating solutions for consumer matters arising with the rapid growth of Internet users, the emerging digital economy and the expansion of electronic commerce.

The main roles of the CCC are:

  1. Research laws and policies related with consumer protection in the field of electronic commerce.
  2. Survey of fraudulent and misleading advertisements of online retailers.
  3. Monitoring and investigation of deceptive or unfair marketing practices of e-businesses.
  4. Providing consumers, businesses and government officials information and education programs relating to electronic commerce.
  5. Analyzing consumer complaints or injury types and developing policy tools to prevent consumer disputes over electronic transactions.
  6. Participating in rulemaking concerning electronic commerce in the meetings of international organizations as OECD, IMSN, and APEC.
  7. Supporting the Working Group on Electronic Commerce and Consumer Protection, which consists of high-level officials from related ministries and organizations.
  8. Cooperating with cyber consumer organizations and encouraging consumer-oriented online business practices.

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