Overview Edit

The Department of Homeland Security launched CyberStat accountability sessions in January 2011. Through CyberStat, DHS cybersecurity experts engage with selected agencies to help them develop focused actions plans for improving their information security posture.

CyberStat is grounded in analysis that is based on data provided through CyberScope and other key data sources. The development of clear and consistent metrics for CyberScope has improved the ability of agencies to have more accountability for outcomes. As DHS works with agencies to improve data quality, the insights provided through CyberStat and CyberScope will enable DHS to assist agencies in quickly addressing problems that pose risks.

DHS-led CyberStat sessions promote accountability and assist Federal civilian agencies in driving progress with key strategic enterprise cybersecurity capabilities. Specifically, CyberStat is designed to:

  • Highlight capability areas where agencies must place additional focus;
  • Help agencies remove roadblocks to meeting requirement standards; and
  • Recognize agencies in those areas where they are meeting requirement standards.

CyberStat sessions feature representatives from DHS, OMB, the National Security Staff (NSS), and agency teams working together to carefully examine program data with a focus on problem solving. The outcome is a prioritized action plan for the agency to improve overall agency performance. Information compiled from the review process will also give DHS, OMB, NSS and other relevant stakeholders a holistic viewpoint of the cybersecurity posture of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, informing future policy and oversight decisions.

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