Definition Edit

Cyber-enabled intelligence is

a complementary intelligence capability providing the ability to collect information and produce unique intelligence. All-source intelligence, the intelligence disciplines, and the other complementary intelligence capabilities are facilitated by using computers, technology, and networks. However, their use of computers, technology, and networks does not mean these are cyber operations. The guiding methods and regulations for the conduct of each intelligence discipline or complementary intelligence capability are governed under the appropriate title authority for each specific discipline or capability. Hence, the mission, authority, and oversight of an activity determine whether an activity is cyber-enabled intelligence or cyber-controlled.[1]

Overview Edit

"Cyber-enabled intelligence is produced through the combination of intelligence analysis and the collaboration of information concerning activity in cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum. This intelligence supports cyber situational understanding. Unlike cyber operations, cyber-enabled intelligence is intelligence-centric based on collection within cyberspace and does not include operations and dominance within the electromagnetic spectrum. The results of cyber electromagnetic activities can provide intelligence professionals with a significant amount of information concerning both the physical and information domains.

"Cyber-enabled intelligence facilitates decisionmaking at all levels through the analysis and production of relevant and tailored intelligence. Additionally, this complementary intelligence capability includes the integration of intelligence products into staff processes, such as IPB and targeting. The intelligence can range from broadly disseminated products targeted to general users to very specific and narrowly focused analysis and reports distributed via classified channels. The use of cyber-enabled intelligence facilitates an understanding of the threat's capabilities, intentions, potential actions, vulnerabilities, and impact on the environment."[2]

References Edit

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