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Current intelligence (also called first-phase reporting) is

[o]ne of two categories of descriptive intelligence that is concerned with describing the existing situation.[1]
quick-turn-around, often time-sensitive intelligence reporting or analysis about recent events or newly acquired information. It addresses an issue of immediate or on-going concern. This reporting primarily contains the information gathered from an intelligence source and a brief analysis of the implications or significance of that information, and may include warnings about imminent threats. Current intelligence usually only addresses a single event or issue, and is written to quickly distribute information to consumers.[2]
that intelligence which: addresses day-to-day events; apprises intelligence consumers of new developments and related background; warns of near-term consequences; and signals potentially dangerous situations that may occur in the near future.[3]
intelligence information of all types and forms concerning events of immediate interest characteristically focusing on descriptive snapshots of generally static conditions; highly perishable information covering events that is disseminated without delay and lacks complete evaluation, interpretation, analysis, or integration.[4]

Overview Edit

Current intelligence "details new developments and background information related to those developments to assess their significance, warn of their near-term consequences, and signal potentially dangerous situations in the near future."[5]

References Edit

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