Overview Edit

The Cryptographic Interoperability Strategy (CIS) was developed by the National Security Agency to find ways to increase assured rapid sharing of information both within the U.S. and between the U.S. and partners through the use of a common suite of public standards, protocols, algorithms and modes referred to as the "Secure Sharing Suite" or S.3.

The implementation of CIS will facilitate the development of a broader range of secure cryptographic products which will be available to a wide customer base. Some operational examples include enabling the U.S. Government to share intelligence information securely with State and local First-responders and providing war fighters on the battlefield the capability to share time-sensitive information securely with non-traditional coalition partners. To achieve the Strategy, NSA is working to influence international standards groups as well as national policies for securing National Security Systems. The use of selected public cryptographic standards and protocols and Suite B is the core of CIS.

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