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Crowdsourcing (also known as community-based design) is

a distributed problem-solving and production model. Problems are broadcast to an unknown group of solvers in the form of an open call for solutions. Crowdsourcing may produce solutions from amateurs or volunteers working in their spare time, or from experts or small businesses which were unknown to the initiating organization.[1]
the use of information provided by multiple, and often many, individuals, who may have volunteered this information or been paid or given some other incentive to provide it.[2]
Crowdsourcing technology brings together a distributed workforce of individuals in order to collect resources, process information, or create new content. The implementation of a crowdsourcing system can vary widely, from complex online websites that coordinate a million simultaneous workers to low-tech, ad hoc approaches that use a shared spreadsheet.[3]
the use of online communities to obtain ideas, information, and services.[4]

Overview Edit

These open calls generally include extremely small payments and consist of tasks that can be completed in relatively short periods of time. As opposed to collaborative-type projects such as Wikipedia, the tasks that comprise crowdsourcing are exclusive to the "employee" who accepts the open call. Only one person can work on a job at any given time and once a job has been completed it can only be attempted by a new employee if the employer reposts the call for work.

Recent attention has been paid to the popularity of crowdsourcing jobs and websites among minors. No claims have currently been raised, however, some observers are beginning to question the child-labor implications of this practice.

References Edit

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