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Overview Edit

The Cross-Agency Priority Goal: Broadband is to expand all broadband capabilities, ensure 4G broadband coverage for 98% of Americans by 2016.

President Obama has outlined a bold vision for enhancing America's competitiveness by investing in broadband infrastructure. Broadband access provides a strong foundation for economic growth, job creation, and global competitiveness. Among other benefits, maximizing Americans' access to broadband technology can change how we deliver health care, improve public safety, and make government more efficient. This goal reinforces current efforts by federal agencies to deliver on the Administration's broadband commitment. Special attention will be directed to rural areas, which lag behind other parts of the country in broadband access. Achieving the goal of extending advanced 4G wireless coverage to 98% of Americans will strengthen the nation's broadband systemnetworks, devices, content, and applications — to provide the nation a competitive, affordable, and efficient technology infrastructure.

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