Overview Edit

The Critical Infrastructure Coordination Group (CICG) serves as "the primary interagency working group for developing and implementing policy and for coordinating the federal government's own internal security measures."

The [CICG] addresses several topics related to CIP: research and development (R&D); personnel and training; U.S. Government as a model for CIP; detection and warning; Information Security Assurance Center (ISAC)/lead agency activities; reconstitution; intelligence; international coordination, and legislation.[1]

The CICG includes high-level agency representation (including the Sector Liaisons), the National Economic Council, and all other relevant agencies. CICG is chaired by the National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism.

Publications Edit

The CICG has issued a number of publications, including:

References Edit

  1. Internet Report, An Examination of the NS/EP Implications of Internet Technologies, at D-4 to D-5.

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