Definition Edit

Counterpropaganda (also spelled counter-propaganda) refers to

[p]rograms of products and actions designed to nullify propaganda or mitigate its effects.[1]

Overview Edit

"Counter-propaganda activities identifying adversary propaganda contribute to situational awareness, and serve to expose adversary attempts to influence friendly populations and military forces. Counter-propaganda consists of specific PSYOP and/or Public Affairs activities aimed at countering hostile PSYOP or propaganda directed towards the United States, its allies or coalition partners, their individual and collective military forces, and friendly populations. Counter-propaganda activities must be carefully formulated and closely coordinated between the joint force commander's PSYOP and Public Affairs organizations. In many cases, the correct response to hostile PSYOP or propaganda may be to totally ignore it so as to avoid lending it credibility. In other instances, direct PSYOP and/or Public Affairs messages may be developed to counter an adversary's misinformation. The ultimate decision on how best to respond will rest with the joint force commander based upon recommendations developed through the close coordination of the IO Cell and the supporting PSYOP unit or Joint PSYOP Task Force (JPOTF)."[2]

References Edit

  1. Operational Terms and Graphics, at 1-48.
  2. Joint Information Operations Planning Handbook, at I-7.

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