Definition Edit

Counterintelligence operations are

[p]roactive activities designed to identify, exploit, neutralize, or deter foreign intelligence collection and terrorist activities directed against the United States.[1]

Overview Edit

"Operations are conducted to: manipulate, disrupt, neutralize, and/or destroy the effectiveness of foreign intelligence activities; recruit or induce defection of foreign intelligence officers and personnel; collect threat information on foreign intelligence operations, modus operandi, intelligence requirements, targeting, objectives, personalities, communications, capabilities, limitations, and vulnerabilities; provide information and operations databases to support decision makers; provide counterintelligence (CI) support to clandestine human intelligence operations; identify post, ongoing, or planned espionage; support force protection, operations other than war, and peacekeeping; acquire foreign intelligence espionage equipment for analysis and countermeasures development; develop operational data, threat data, and espionage leads for future CI operations, investigations, and projects and develop the potential of these leads to enhance DOD security overall; and support specific Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, DOD, and national plans. Those activities designed to detect and counter capabilities and activities of foreign intelligence and security services and the intelligence activities of non-state entities, such as organized crime, terrorist groups, and drug traffickers. Counterintelligence operations include, but are not limited to, investigations, collection, support to counterreconnaissance, support to deception, support to information and operations security, and support to force protection."[2]

References Edit

  1. Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, at 53.
  2. Operational Terms and Graphics, at 1-47.

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