Definition Edit

Data analysis Edit

Correlation is

[t]he combination of various pieces of information that relate to an individual or that obtain that characteristic when combined.[1]

General Edit

Correlation means "[t]o put or bring into casual, complementary, parallel, or reciprocal relation." [2]

Intelligence Edit

Correlation is

the process of gathering like or associated information and data. This includes the use of automated systems to receive data, display data, and parse information into databases. Under most circumstances computer networks or systems are used to conduct correlation.[3]
the process that associates and combines data on a single entity or subject from independent observation, in order to improve the reliability or creditability of the information.[4]

Overview Edit

"Correlation can defy people's expectations of the limits of what others know about them. It can increase the power that those doing the correlating have over individuals as well as correlators' ability to pass judgment, threatening individual autonomy and reputation.

"Correlation is closely related to identification. Internet protocols can facilitate correlation by allowing individuals' activities to be tracked and combined over time. The use of [persistent or infrequently replaced identifiers at any layer of the stack can facilitate correlation. For example, an initiator's persistent use of the same device ID, certificate, or email address across multiple interactions could allow recipients (and observers) to correlate all of the initiator's communications over time."[5]

References Edit

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